Be Your Child’s Pediatrician


When I was growing up, my mother had a small book on how to care for your child’s health. It was printed before the late 50’s or early 60’s, because it was there by the time I was eight and reading everything I could get my hands on. I would sit for a long time studying the pictures and reading what they said about each disease. By the time I became a mother, I could not find my mother’s book nor could I find one on the market. To me, this information is an important part of mothering and doctoring my family. If I am familiar with the rashes, where they start and when they are contagious, etc, I am not nearly as likely to run off to the doctor. If I also know what to expect for the course of the disease and realize that there are things that I can do to make my child more comfortable, I become more confident. Read the information and study the pictures and be prepared to deal with diseases as they come.


As the phone calls and emails continued to multiply, I realized how many things I did not cover in my first book entitled, Be Your Own Doctor, that you really need to know. I know that this book will not cover everything, either, but it should help. There will always be something else that you need to know, but this manuscript is an attempt to better answer the questions that you have on problems from birth through childhood. This book is really a companion to Be Your Own Doctor. Be Your Own Doctor, explains some things in depth that I decided not to repeat. Use them together. Read both for help in these areas. If you don’t already have Be Your Own Doctor, it’s a “must have.” The information there is so basic and helpful. Then there is Backyard Pharmacy, a guide for you to get medicine, for free, in your backyard, from common weeds.

As always, I am amazed at how well the simplest things work. My method is to try the simple things that I have on hand before going to greater lengths. Of course, I try to have some basic things on hand, so that I am prepared for most emergencies. Read and be prepared.